Oz Labor’s Brief Flirtation With Patriotism!

While predictable, the backlash against that Australian Labor Party woman…

Oz Left Now Say No To Migrants?

…who talked up patriotism as a factor in the immigration debate, still makes one a tad nauseous.

We read the headline about some Egyptian-born leftist parliamentarian…



Aussies-first rhetoric must stop: Aly


who, of all people, surely ought to be out in front pledging her solidarity to the fellow-citizens of the country which has given her so much opportunity.

Yet instead, unlike Ms. Keneally, her American-born Labor colleague, Anne Aly evidently thinks it somewhat distasteful to put one’s own people first.

Moreover, ex-New South Wales state premier Bob Carr – who was born in Australia, so far as I know, ‘has urged Kristina Keneally to drop her ‘jobs for Australians first’ rhetoric…’



Disappointing, old Carr, who once offered wise words on the fake-refugee issue.

  • Senator Carr famously identified Australia’s enemies within during the election campaign.
  • “If you want to embrace the Greens-Left-Fairfax-ABC position, you are going to go backwards at the next election,” he said, according to Labor sources quoted by The West Australian.
  • New Labor/Green Bid to Stab Oz in the Back? 

But now he appears to find a rare patriotic statement from a member of his party unacceptable?

What is wrong with these people?

It doesn’t matter what policy politicians in Australia, or in ANY country, are talking about!



THE priority in ANY debate should ALWAYS be…