Leeching Off Brit Tax-Payers, ‘Asylum’ Aliens Complain!

 “I had to put back the meat and some vegetables. I had to just get tinned food and the cheaper things,” he adds, dejectedly…

“…l have to go to different shops to work out where is cheapest,” he says. “I have to pick up the things going out of date. You can’t have fresh things, like a bag of onions. You have to get frozen food.”

How many times have Brits had to hear senior cits say things like that from decent elderly people just about getting by on their pensions?


Image result for knitting grandma


But this is no old grannie having a legitimate grumble as she walks home from the shops with her meagre purchases!

It’s an alien named, perhaps appropriately, ‘Shams,’ and there’s not an iota of info from The Independent on how he got into the UK!

More Than 70 New Snouts In UK Tax Trough

On one of those illegal vessels gate-crashing British territorial waters? Or via some bogus ‘student visas’ then over-staying when it expired?

Who knows?



The Independent’s second-rate hacks either never asked Sham, or maybe did and are too embarrassed to tell us!

Then there’s Ali, who whines that he “can’t buy spices.”

Don’t go breakin’ my heart, Ali!

“I can’t make Iranian curries now. My diet now is not healthy, it’s just bread, pasta and rice..”

Yes, just like millions of other people around the world. Tough titty, whiner!

And it seems they cannot afford to use their mobiles to ring up family and friends (back home?)


Priti Patel has been doing a pretty poor job of kickng those Channel parasites back to France…

Priti Patel Minister.jpg

Priti Patel


..but she was surely correct when she told MPs last week claimed during a parliamentary hearing that she had seen no evidence that asylum seekers were struggling to meet their basic needs with the current rates.


Some insolent toads on the Home Affairs Select Committee had actually raised the ludicrous notion of ‘increasing asylum support rates by £20 a week…’



These intruders deserve nothing at all from the hard-pressed tax-payers’ pockets.

If they are unhappy with their rations, let them sod off home…



…or find another country’s tax-trough to stick their snouts into.

If it’s felt they must be fed, arrange daily deliveries of bread and water!

But fear not!

Lawyers, like the cavalry in good old movies, are charging over the hill!



Some well-heeled legal eagles are sticking THEIR snouts in, using the courts to seek a squeeze on the public purse to benefit aliens who have never contributed.

The name of the firm is Duncan Lewis Solicitors – they actually want to hear our questions!

Have a question?
033 3772 0409

So that’s the number!

Give ‘em a call, if you want to ask them why!