American Readers! Sign Here, Fight Back Against Red China!

Here’s something useful my American readers can do today…


…a nationwide petition calling on Congress to investigate the Communist Chinese government for its role in covering up the initial COVID-19 outbreak.




Congress needs to act now.


That’s why we’re delivering members this important petition. Tell them it’s time to:


  • Investigate the Communist Chinese government’s role in covering up the initial COVID-19 outbreak.
  • End China’s stranglehold on critically-important supplies. Bring manufacturing of medical equipment and pharmaceuticals back to America.
  • Make China pay the UN and other international organizations’ like the second largest economy in the world — no more being treated like a poor “developing country.”
  • Support Taiwan. Push back against Communist China’s bullying and allow Taiwan to join the World Health Organization (WHO).
  • Require American colleges and universities to disclose all Chinese Communist government funding of professors and researchers

You can add your name at


Congress must act now to halt the spread of Communist China’s influence.


We reached our first goal of 100,000 signatures in a few short days.


Now, we need your help us get to 200,000 signatures.

Take a few minutes to add your name to the Stop Communist China Petition today.


This is a massive undertaking. But we can get Congress to act if every American makes their voice heard through direct action like this petition.


Will you join us?