Brussels Bows To Beijing Bullies Again!

Having urged British readers to celebrate VE Day, as best they can within the confines of social distancing…

….we need simultaneously to note the EUSSR’s almost simultaneous grovel to the regime currently nearest in character to Hitler’s.



The report in DW headed –

EU Defends Censorship Of Letter In Chinese Newspapers

As DW’s sub-heading explains –

Censored op-ed marked anniversary of EU-China relations

– the occasion of the grovelling is ‘the 45th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the EU and China,’ which is hardly anything to celebrate, any more than one would salute the memory of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact!

The complete letter, signed by representatives of all the subject states of the Brussels Empire, appeared on all their embassy websites…



…but, alas, not so complete was that letter when it appeared in the dictatorship’s propaganda rag.

Here’s what the totalitarian censors deemed inappropriate fare for the Chinese people.

I quote DW-

“But the outbreak of the coronavirus,” the following words – “in China, and its subsequent spread to the rest of the world over the past three months” – were removed in the Chinese newspaper version.

And when the Euro-Commissars heard voices of dismay in Europe at this suppression of truth by the tyranny?

Their ‘chief spokesman,’ some French flunkey named Eric Mamer, performed an exercise in convoluted self-contradiction worthy of a well-trained lap-dog.



He said the decision to go ahead with publishing the doctored article “did not mean we consider censorship to be acceptable.”

So accepting censorship doesn’t mean Brussels thinks censorship is acceptable.


Ingsoc slogan

The ‘45th Anniversary’ of Brussels-Beijing diplomatic collaboration?

More like an exaltation of Orwell’s ‘1984!’