Legalice! Immigration Judges Stab Britons In The Back!

So once again a bunch of legalice are kicking their own country in the teeth, or so we read in a leftist sector of the media called, candidly enough, ‘Free Movement.’



Free Movement fanaticism is a global virus


But although the F.M. objective is offensive to patriotic Brits, who do NOT favour ‘free movement,’ especially of undesirable aliens…


…due for deportation because they have no claim to ‘asylum,’ the facts in this particular article seem clear enough.

Lousy liberal judges have been unleashing illegals who have been scheduled for removal from the realm!

I quote-
….many individual detainees have been successfully applying for immigration bail on a case-by-case basis, arguing that with international flights grounded, they cannot be removed from the UK imminently and must therefore be released…

Judges – Enemies of the People!


Horrifically, another pro-crimmigrant outfit has reported a 95% success rate in bail applications since the start of lockdown.


This is outrageous!

If disruption to air travel delays deportation, the crimmigrants concerned should be kept locked up until expulsion from the UK becomes once again possible.

Personally, I’d have thought the RAF must have planes going all over the world a lot of the time, Chinese virus or no Chinese virus.

Manacle the brutes, or stick ‘em in straightjackets, or stuff ‘em in the cages used to transport animals.



I mention such preventative measures because there’s no reason to suppose that filthy savages in the UK are any less dangerous than similar swine in Germany.

Undesirable Migrants ‘Scratch, Bite,Spit, Kick’ German Cops! 

Alternatively, take similar steps and put them below deck in one of those huge container ships.


Why not load them onto containers for deportation?’


That would take weeks, but the scumbags are obviously not in a rush to go home!

Such practical suggestions,however, risk missing the point of principle.

There is clearly something very, very wrong, a shameful loop-hole in the law, that enables these ‘immigration judges’ to turn their hearings into turncoat tribunals,  where the lawless can use ‘bail rules’ to thumb their noses at the British people, then walk free, to prowl the streets with malign intent.



Does anyone in his or her right mind think that, when the Chinese Virus Crisis is brought under control, these runaway rats will scamper back and ask politely to be put back into detention pending deportation.


Not Bloody Likely!

We read that the Home Office has sent a letter to draw the attention of the errant judges to the realities.

‘Free Movement’ thinks that’s unacceptable, and, for very different reasons, so do I.

A letter?


Fix the law!

Priti Patel, you are the Home Secretary!


Priti Patel Minister.jpg


So do your job.

Introduce emergency legislation to stop indefensible releases and get these crimmigrants corralled back into custody again!

Oh, and fire those weasels who have been granting them bail!