Denmark – Mattias Tesfaye’s Lovely Way With Words!

The immigration and integration minister, Mattias Tesfaye, said they were “lovely numbers”, telling DR that “it shows, in part, that we can keep the influx at bay by pursuing sensible policy in Denmark.”


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That Mattias Tesfaye has a way with words.

We have quoted him before!

I am provoked myself when I see a woman in a burqa. Not so much by the woman, but by what it stands for. I actually perceive it as a form of prison.



What a choice word to use when a once genuinely lovely land is found to be regaining some of its attractive qualities by unloading a significant element of the ‘influx’ – an influx that had included much that made it less lovely than it was!

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True, it’s open to argument how significant the number of departing aliens really is, and it is less encouraging when we read on and find that he says on the issue ‘whether the net loss means that Denmark can accommodate more UN quota refugees…

…that “we have not made any decision at all yet.”

The last thing any country should do is import more undesirable aliens…

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…but like every nation unlucky enough to be ruled by the Brussels Empire, the Danes will be subject to powerful pressure, applied especially by the blood-stained hands of Mama Stasi Merkel…


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…to solve the nightmare problem she created in 2015.

One can only hope Tesfaye and his colleagues will be tough enough to say no to such nonsense.

Innocent Danes, not least women and girls, have suffered enough at the hands of savages.

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