Mal Puri Indah Tutup? Nil Desperandum!

On Friday I felt that familiar craving…MEAT!


So I hopped on an angkot…

…and went to Puri Mall, only to find it totally shut.


I like going walkabout there, people-watching.



And the adjacent Carrefour, while open, was devoid of customers, maybe a dozen max?


Puri Mall, old photo – it’s expanded since I first went there 20 years ago!


As said, Mal Puri Indah was closed, except for Hero supermarket and the pharmacist, though Century apotek had moved to a temporary new location, a makeshift little outpost in front of Hero.

There was meat, but the prices did not appeal to me, so I merely bought eggs ( 50% discount!) and took a hopeful walk down to Hypermart…



…which was very busy, loads of people-watching, and where I went on an extravagant splurge, two packs of rendang beef…



…my favourite Indonesian dish, for a weekend treat – and two frozen packs of kerbau (buffalo) meat.

Also stocked up on catfood, pasta, onions and other bits and pieces…

…and thus went home rejoicing!

Why am I telling you all this?

A woman was arrested Wednesday after she allegedly shot at three McDonald’s restaurant employees in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, after they told her the dining room was closed due to the coronavirus pandemic

Report: Woman Shoots at McDonald’s Workers After Being Told Dining Area Closed

Simply to point out that there are more sensible alternatives to finding one’s first-preference destination inaccessible during the Chinese Virus Crisis than shooting the staff!