Machetes? Swords? Another ‘Virus Amnesty’ Thug!

Just a quick glance through local media this morning, and lo, another brute captured by cops ( in Sumatra again) after a violent gang robbery.

The police acted quickly to get the scumbags, who had  attacked a man to steal his motor-bike.

Machete.Vector cartoon illustration isolated on white background. Stock Vector - 142943081

Not only was the recidivist quickly tracked down and detained, but even better, they shot dead one of his accomplices who was resisting arrest, using a machete... .

Use the link for the whole story, machetes, samurai swords, the lot!

Another of the gang has also been apprehended.

It would be a tough task to round up all the convicts set free because of the Chinese Virus, but one hopes no more dangerous beasts are going to be uncaged.



If crowded cells are deemed a problem, then a lot of honest Indonesian citizens would likely suggest that a better ‘emergency measure’ policy, not perhaps what some media like to bray about as the ‘new normal…’

….but a certain deterrent, would be to use firing squads, capital punishment for all those convicted of violent crimes, like armed robbery or terrorism.