‘Virus Amnesty’ – Rape Again In Sumatra, And Murder!

While the total number of prison inmates and illegal aliens released under ‘virus amnesties’ around the world is not known, there’s an urgent need to start counting the cost of this folly, one victim of which we wrote about last week…

Sumatra Horror – Virus Amnesty Convict Rapes Teen! 

….with another atrocious crime in the headlines, this example…


…reported here in Indonesia, in North Sumatra Province, in Deli Serdang, where, as detik.com tells us, a 21-year-old woman ’was found dead in a pathetic condition.



The rape, mutilation and murder of this latest victim, by not one but TWO men released early from prison under the so-called ‘assimilation program’ make grim reading…



…and I leave it to you to use the Indonesian link, which has an English-language option, if you wish.

However, I continue to wonder how many other innocent people, all over the world…

Criminals Unleashed – To Be Replaced With Dissenters? 

…have suffered as a result of governments, or crack-brained judges…

Legalice! Immigration Judges Stab Britons In The Back! 

Four Dimwit U.S.Judges Say – ‘Free Rapists and Killers!’ 

…using the Chinese Virus as an excuse to turn loose thousands of individuals who should NOT go unconfined.