How Much Does It Cost To Walk?

I am not fond of flying, nor all the attendant airport hassle, which is mostly, of course, a consequence of terrorism.



Yet I have to say I’m sympathetic to the British airline pilots who have ‘released a combative statement attacking the U.K. government’s £2 billion plan for cycling and walking during the lockdown.’

One of Bojo’s underlings, Grant Shapps, has apparently  been on about a “once in a generation” plan to boost cycling and walking…which starts with £250 million to enable local authorities to pay for “pop-up” cycling and walking infrastructure to cater for physical distancing during lockdown.


Like the zoms keep doing in WD?



Despite reading that story and the original article in Forbes magazine, I cannot find anything to explain the use of the peculiar phrase ‘pop-up,’ which at its least alarming conjures up images of a jack-in-the-box.

We are all capable of using our legs, unless one is disabled.

Here in Jakarta, I have resumed running as a way of both passing the time and staying healthy until the threat unleashed from Red China abates.


China is Lying, Coronavirus started in Wuhan

I walk to the minimart every day.

I run back and forth in my small front yard.


If it rains, I shift indoors -my living room is longer than my yard!

Yesterday I needed to use an atm and because the nearest one operated by Bank Danamon is about 2 kliks away, I walked there.

Then I walked home again. I enjoyed the exercise.



If I can do that in Indonesia’s environmentally-challenged capital city, then anyone in Merry England can do the same.

Many Indonesians use push-bikes to get around, too. No talk here of ‘pop-ups,’ not that I’ve noticed, anyway!

Back to the article.

There’s a photograph of a man cycling in Milan which merely shows that the municipality has painted some white lines on a road, so why not call them ‘paint-ons’ rather than the silly-sounding ‘pop-ups?’

Or am I all at sea, confused by the ridiculous jargon deployed by Bojo’s Transport Secretary?

Any Brit readers got anexplanation?