Agreeing With a ‘Rights NGO’ Feels Weird, But…

No doubt Aljazeera’s pro-crimmigrant editors were delighted to publish the hews that

This is a battle of civilisation because at its centre lay people’s dignity, fight against criminal organisations, against caporalato (a system based on the recruitment and exploitation of workers), the immersion of black work and the protection of employers and workers’ health, including the one surrounding them.”

Sure, by betraying the basic principles of Italian nationhood!

But only for six months!

Oh Yeah?

All that bluster-rhetoric about a brave new chapter in Italian history and it’s got a built-in expiry date?

‘…dignity…exploitation…workers’ health…a battle of civilisation…

…a battle won, then un-won by that same coalition?

How would the coalition possibly eat all those fancy words in 180 days time?

Not a chance Conte’s curs will end the crimmigrants’ amnesty by next November, or ever!

Already, the leftist labour unions are openly calling the illegals ‘citizens.’

Jean-Rene Bilongo, of the CGIL-FLAI openly gloated – 

The invisibles become citizens,” he told Al Jazeera.

Italian patriots understand what’s going on, and are protesting vigorously.



Lega leader Matteo Salvini – 

An amnesty?

Why should we ever reward those irregular and those who exploit them when there are so many Italians and regular migrants looking for a job?”

Yes, exactly.


And here’s the weird part, where I report and AGREE WITH the comment of  a ‘migrant rights’ spokesman, Cesare Fermi, of an ‘NGO’ called INTERSOS.A time-limited amnesty is just a patch, an absurdity…How will the workers’ conditions change once the permit is over?”

Again, yes, exactly.



The outcry from the entire natterjack network…

– ‘we can’t let these poor alien crimmigrants be stripped of their rights!’ –

…from left politicians, from judge-jerks, from the Strasbourg Slugs…



…from UNHCR,  and from all the anti-nation agitprop outfits, would be deafening.


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