An Informative Appeal To Say No To Red China!

This is not only an appeal for our support but informative too.

Did you  know about the appeasement censorship of recently released films like Red Dawn, World War Z and Top Gun?

I had no idea!

China is a threat to our national security and the Chinese Communist Party is working to influence and control American institutions. Some of the mainstream media takes money from China by running “China Daily” advertisements paid for by the Chinese Communist Party.

And did you know that much of Hollywood is in China’s pocket?



Chinese companies have purchased stakes in American movie theaters and film production companies. China pressures these companies to censor movies in order to export the Chinese Communist Party’s ideology.

Here are just three examples.

  • The remake of Top Gun was censored because it included a Taiwan flag.
  • When Red Dawn was remade in 2012, it originally featured Chinese soldiers attacking the U.S. but was changed to avoid offending Beijing.
  • The zombie movie World War Z changed the location of the origin of the zombie outbreak from China to North Korea.

I think enough is enough.

Do you agree? If so, sign my petition: it’s time to get the Chinese Communist Party out of Hollywood.

Hollywood shouldn’t act as the propaganda arm of China. And if you agree, then let’s start fighting back.