As Beijing Blusters, Will India Take A Principled Stand?

Today’s question?



Which regimes around the world will knuckle under to the orchestrated Communist campaign to treat Free China as a leper state?

Next week there’s a meeting of the World Health Assembly, which apparently governs W.H.O.

America is hoping to win sufficient support to restore Taiwan’s – aka Free China’s – observer status, which it had from 2009 until 2016.

The United States needs ‘a simple majority from member states.’

Ahead of next week’s WHA meet, India has found itself in the middle as it takes over as chairperson of the executive board. The government is yet to make a final decision on whether to support the U.S. move to include Taiwan or to accept China’s objections to it…

Furious over the exposure of its virus cover-ups…

Lying Red S.O.B.s! Half-A-Million-Plus Cases? Beijing Cover-Up? 


….the tyrants of Red China, obliged to handle abroad a situation which they never have to at home…


– since the majority of Red China’s population are never given a vote on the diktats of the marxist despotism –

…has been busy, with propaganda and pressure, trying to get a majority of the world’s nations to fall in with their desperate desire to keep the democratically-elected Taipei government out of WHA.

India is an extremely influential country. Many Third World nations look to India as an example.

Fingers crossed India does the right thing and…



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