Obnoxious Aliens – A Dutch ‘Dilemma’ Easily Solved!


Not a Dutch ‘refugee’ centre!


‘…incidents’ at refugee centres in the Netherlands more than doubled from 8,000 in 2015 to 17,000 last year…

While ‘incidents’ can include anything from arson to physical and ‘verbal’ assault, and one reason for the increase is a greater readiness by staff to report such occurrences, the other reason given is shocking.

more people with no hope of winning refugee status are living in the centres…

In other words, they’re NOT ‘refugees’ at all!

They are fakers, caught out in their bogus tales of woe, who deserve neither sympathy nor, more importantly, from Dutch tax-payers’ point of view…


….no more free board and lodging!

 A large proportion of the problems centre on young men from Algeria, Morocco and Libya, some of whom have been involved in up to 50 separate incidents, sources said… https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2020/05/no-hopers-are-behind-sharp-rise-in-incidents-at-refugee-centres/

That’s hardly surprising information, but what IS surprising, no appalling, is this –

Officials have few options to deal with persistent trouble makers apart from withholding their allowances and moving them to other locations.


That pan-European ‘pocket-money’ nonsense again?

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How pathetic!

The Dutch, once deemed a stolid, sturdy breed, seem to have degenerated into a soft, sick, cringing creep-culture.

Of course there are far more than a ‘few options!


The obvious one is to boot the obnoxious savages out!

The Netherlands, any more than Italy, has no need for what the latter country’s Giorgia Meloni excellently defined as ‘Maghreb Worms!’

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But while any Dutch Government worth its salt should be getting busy getting those scumbags back to those three countries…



…a spot of flogging, for those who engage in violence and vandalism, would do no harm!



But of course the EurocRats in Brussels and Strasbourg would snap their fingers and bring the Dutch ruling class to heel…


…not that the supine Dutch ruling class, besotted with liberalism, would think of trying tough tactics against arrogant crimmigrants.

Yet there are other options.

Bread and water diets, manacles, make their lives as hellish as possible.

If they don’t like that ‘new-normal,’ then all they need to do is buckle down, behave lke civilised human beings…but perhaps that is beyond them.