Grad-Abuse – A New Obummer Offence!

My graduation day remains one of my best-cherished memories, though the day the finals’ results were published, on a notice board in the old quad, shines brighter yet.


State Board of Education making considerations for seniors to graduate


We were all swarming thither from wherever we had woken up that very sunny day, but I was still 100 yards away when one of my class-mates ( a noted member of the Labour Club!) who’d got there ahead of me, yelled out-

Ross, you got a 2:1 !

Since I’d spent much of that year, and the previous four, engaged in anti-communist campaigning, with just a wee bit of time spared for classes, obtaining an Upper Second ( in politics and modern history, of course!) was pleasing, and arguably surprising, news.

But there was no thought of politics that glorious morning.

I think I leapt a foot off the ground in joy…


Man Leaping


…as I raced to join the avid throng.


So I feel sorry for all those graduands who are missing out on both such informal moments of camaraderie and the consequent grand ceremonies, due to the damnable Chinese Virus and its ‘distancing’ impact.

I also feel sorry for those in America who were ‘assembled’ by video links to savour their academic success….



….only to get an online earful of bilious Trumpophobia from Trump’s racist predecessor.