Queers Day Question – Will Bojo Copy Turdo’s Freak ‘Ban Plan?’

I only learned that it’s a big day for sexual aberrants today, gaystapo song and dance all over the place….

….thanks to a UN funded propaganda hit from…


May 17 Is International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, Biphobia

Achim Steiner, Administrator, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

…so it’s time to ask about Bojo’s intentions!

With all the election attention on Brexit ( and bogus claims that the NHS was due for auction!) few if any British media focused on conversion therapy, curing sexual perversion, as any kind of issue in last December’s vote.

Since then, a much more immediate health issue has held our attention.

But all Brits still expecting conservative policies from Boris Johnson had best brace themselves for a very rude awakening.



A biased reporter at Forbes Magazine took the time to go round the UK parties and was ASSURED by ALL the in-crowd that a similar ban on what the Forbes pro-gaystapo scribbler dubs the ‘cruel’ practice –

-…there’s impartial reporting for you…but what else might we expect from Jamie Wareham, whose slanted article is prefaced by this ‘I report on LGBT life, identities and being queer.’)

– was part of their programme!

Nobody should be surprised.


Cam on-off gay adopt

Cameron u-turned on the perversion issue


The Tory leadership has long been in the hands of people who reneged on their previous commitments to decency.

Mrs. May Set To Poison Tots’ Minds 

For all his appealing sense of humour at the expense of ‘tank-topped bumboys,’ Johnson is irredeemably pro-homo.

Johnson okayed the ‘gay’ ad, but had the other one banned


He even refused to recognise the right of cured aberrants to advertise their existence, when he was Mayor of London.

Hence it seems likely that the new UK PM will soon be echoing Pretty Boy Blackface, aka Justin Turdo, who has just recently declared that his Number One issue…



…is to outlaw all hope of therapeutic deliverance for those sad creatures who, having deluded themselves into thinking that unequivocal proofs revealed when they strip naked…


…can somehow be wished away.

Yup, the gender-benders of Canada are now Turdo’s pet project, and for any of those who regret their squalid life-style choices, who want to live as God or Nature intended, no treatment, no therapy, no help whatsoever, will any longer be available, no matter their desperation.

What is more depressing still about the report in The Independent…


…is the absence of any voice of dissent.

Where is Stephen Harper?

Or Jason Kenney?

They were once stalwarts in the conservative cause!

But today, if they still harbour principles and abhor the vile agenda that The Turd is driving like a stake into the heart of Canada, we sure as Hell are not hearing them speak up.

Callous indifference to the plight of Canadians struggling with unhealthy impulses is deplorable.

The power of the ‘LGBT’ gaystapo to silence debate is more so.