CNN’s Bitter Lemon Can Suddenly Detect Racism?

I see that repulsive leftist CNN queer, Bitter Lemon, has taken it upon himself to criticise President Trump for putting that uptight Jiang in her place.

You will recall her little tantrum as she tried to play the race card earlier this month.


Don Lemon accuses Trump of making digs ‘about China’ to Asian American reporter

Don Lemon accuses Trump of making digs 'about China' to Asian American reporter  

CNN host Don Lemon noted a pattern in President Trump’s recent interactions with an Asian American reporter.



Since everyone in every virus-blighted country should be telling every leftist hack  to ‘Ask China?’ when the issue is discussed…

China is Lying, Coronavirus started in Wuhan


….although of course the rotten reds in Beijing will never answer honestly about their guilt…



…there’s no reason why Trump shouldn’t ask Little Miss Uptight.

But what’s truly offensive is to have a creep like Lemon whining thus, in view of his own record of indifference to racial bigotry.

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