Hong Kong Collabo Legislators Put The Boot In!

While the Beijing dictator sought to sweet-talk the World Health Authority, where so many gutless regimes quailed from supporting Free China’s bid for observer status…

…that the Taipei government has decided to wait another year in its search for fair play, it’s significant that even the UK’s leftist Guardian has had to acknowledge that…



…the Red Chinese authorities appear to be putting more controls on research into the origins of thes virus as well as blocking international observers from fully participating in efforts.


In other words, more…


Elsewhere, a much more realistic reflection of what lies in store for those who get in Red China’s brutal way was on display last week in Hong Kong!

Beijing’s collabos on the Legislative Council used a troop of paid goons to fend off pro-democracy legislators.


Chan Kin-poor surrounded by guards

One lawmaker held a sign that said: “CCP [Chinese Communist Party] tramples HK legislature.”

After most of the pro-democracy lawmakers left – or were removed – the pro-Beijing Starry Lee was elected chairwoman of the house committee.


I do believe that, maybe later rather than sooner, the Red despotism that has kept the people on the Chinese mainland in servitude for 71 years will share the fate of the Soviet tyrants.

One hopes that Comrade Starry and her collabo comrades will be put on trial for their collusion with Beijing’s bullies!