No, France24’s Alison, Koreans Are Not Sour Wowsers!

After a tiring day, I turned on the TV and unwisely opted to start with France24, which, going on past experience, does not invariably delight its viewers.

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Today, the first thing I heard was that Korean TV viewers had been ‘OUTRAGED!’

One might imagine that Koreans in the southern half of that partitioned peninsula are often outraged, when they, as they frequently must be, are reminded of the daily hell…

….in which their enslaved compatriots in North Korea are forced by the Communist dictatorship to live.

But no, today, viewers were ‘OUTRAGED’ – that was the actual word used by F24’s Alison Sargent…


…by the inclusion among the dummy spectators at one of those ‘spectatorless’ soccer games, of…


SEX Dolls!


Soccer fans?

I like footie but have hardly been a ‘fan’ since I left The Old Country.

Nevertheless, I have not forgotten the ribald repartee that enlivened the terracing!

Today, I laughed out loud..

Har Har Har!

…even before Little Ali used the O-Word!

God knows we all need something to laugh about these days!

Then of course, it may be that Koreans have little or no sense of humour?


PuzzleLife Korea Map 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle


Not so.

I have met a fair number of South Korean expats here in Indonesia, and they are perfectly normal.

Betcha there were gales of merriment from the DMZ to the deep-south tip of that peninsula!