What’s Priti Rudd/Amber Patel Got To Say On THIS?

Hardly a day goes by but more and more decent Brits rue the day they ever trusted that pathetic Priti Patel!

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Priti Patel


We warned you about this scandalous foot-dragging!

Kicking Out The Grooming Pigs – Ten Years Hence? 

And now…

Read this from the Telegraph!


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These pigs deserved the death  penalty!


Now read this!

She’s worse than Amber Rudd.



At least Rudd, when she was Home Secretary, embraced her true ideological identity as a rabid liberal.

Ms. Patel cowers behind her flunkeys, skulks in her ministerial office, leaving some anonymous pip-squeak Home Office apparatchik to speak for her, who condescendingly ‘declined’ to explain his outrageous situation…



..denying the victims in Rochdale, and all the decent people of the UK, information they are absolutely entitled to have.