‘Not being able to go to the gym…’ Oh, Diddums!

Not being able to go to the gym has affected Ursula’s mental health a lot. She has struggled with feeling “really stuck and caged”.’

That’s from a BBC report I bumped into today…


…which features a word I have never encountered before, ‘fillers,’ something to do with some women’s (and, for all I know, some men’s) perpetual, grail-like quest for the body beautiful!

Speaking of that quest, I saw what I would describe as ‘the body beautiful….’


Not the actual supermarket sighting!


….while shopping at Superindo earlier this week. She was leaning down to inspect the prices on the lowest shelf.

Alas, she had her husband with her!

I could use Google Search to find out what a ‘filler’ is, but am content to leave it to readers to investigate.



It used to mean short, unimportant news or gossipy items to make up a full page in printed media, but not this time, I suspect.

No, what has me curious about Ursula, whoever she may be, is that she, or the BBC hackette, Benita Barden, reckons her gym’s temporary inaccessibility is affecting her ‘mental health!’



Loony lady In Bedlam crying out for her ‘fillers!’

Really and truly?

Feeling stuck and caged’ no doubt affects her BOREDOM level.



Even her frustration level.

But her ‘mental health?’


We’re all fed up with the impact of the Chinese Virus on our lives, undoubtedly.

But normal people don’t whine about their ‘mental health!’

We get on with it – we read books, run up and down our front yards ( or living rooms, if it rains!) or watch our fave programmes, sing along to music we like, raise $40 million for good causes – all manner of ways of keeping in good shape, body, mind and soul.

And it ill becomes the BBC, which encourages people suffering from certain categories of psychiatric disorders to think there’s nothing wrong with them…

Courtesy Of All You Brits – Special Bogs For BBC Queers


This film is a snapshot of the seemingly normalised and sometimes deliberate transphobia that a young man Matthew has to endure as he transitions in today’s society.


….to witter about minor inconveniences as if they’re a contributory fact to anyone’s mental ill-health.