Oz – 10 Years For That Sectarian Pig? Not Enough!

So that vile savage got ten years?

Not enough, I hear you agree with my headline, because you probably share my view that sectarian terrorist scumbags like this, on the left, of course…


Ali Khalif Shire Ali arrives at the Supreme Court of Victoria in Melbourne in 2019.

Terror pig Ali Khalif Shire Ali (left)


..deserve to die.

But in fact it’ll be astonishing if it is kept penned up for anything like ten years, because, as most media do mention if you read down the story, the sentence only prescribes that  –

’Ali Khalif Shire Ali will now spend up to a decade behind bars over his “evil” terror plot.’

The pig had every intention of carrying out a mass murder attack on Australians on New Year’s Eve in Melbourne, 2017.

And the judge recognised that planned atrocity as ‘an evil act!’

The pig was a conscious, deliberate, malevolent agent of the Islamic State, as was its filthy savage sibling, Hassan Khalif Shire Ali, who, happily, was shot dead during its terrorist attack in 2018…



….and is now, like all dead jihadists, will be suffering eternal torment in Hell.

The satanic siblings ought to be reunited.

If not, because of Australia’s inexplicable reluctance to execute the Enemy Within, life behind bars is the only fair punishment.


Were they born in Australia?

If not, who let them in?