ABC Shrew Shrills For Oz ‘Arts’ Parasites!

Felt sorry for Josh Frydenberg, whom I saw on tv at lunchtime (Jakarta 1.30pm) today…

Josh Frydenberg April 2019.jpg

He’s Australia’s Treasurer (Finance minister) and was nagged incessantly by that ABC shrew Patricia Pettifogger …oops, Karvelas…about the good news that not nearly so many Aussies as feared would need government help as a consequence of the Chinese Virus crisis.



The error was entirely due to businesses filling in forms incorrectly, but The Shrew was determined to blame the Minister.

As an obvious leftist, of course, rather than be content with less of a burden on the tax-payers, The Shrew kept rabbiting on about how money saved could as quickly be spent.

She was on about casual workers, and who knows, that category could be expanded.

But trust the ABC ( or not!) to bring up as additional candidates for tax-funded largesse…

Yes, guess who..

Arts People!’



Like you-know-who?

Writing on Twitter about the news, Abdel-Magied said she never expected to secure the grant from the Australia Council, also known as The Australia Council for the Arts, which is the federal government’s official art funding body.

Her award was announced as part of the latest grants round earlier this month, which saw a total of $6.5 million handed out to 186 artists. Yassmin received the substantial sum of $20,000 as well as a six-month stunt at the Keesing Studio in the French capital.

The arts, in Australia as in most Western countries, are infested with parasitic pinko creeps.

Who else would waste a wooden nickel on scum like this….

Honour Anzac Day Today – Tomorrow, Go After The ‘Arts’ Rats! 

As I said before, ‘amid all the vast sums being spent, quite rightly, on helping keep businesses afloat, seeing them through the current crisis, there is one recipient of government largesse which needs to be taught a lesson for its unpatriotic profligacy.’

Industry profile|Australia Council for the Arts|108216|ArtsHub ...

There are surely none worse than that rat-pack we named and shamed only a month or so ago.

As it turned out, The Shrew was followed by Labor Party Leader Anthony Albanese, and so identical was his harangue to hers that it resembled one of those action replays we see on sports programmes, including special pleading for ‘the arts.’

Did the ABC and Albanese rehearse together?

Or are they just twin souls?