In The World’s Largest Prison, A Million+ Lock-Down!

By “the world’s largest prison,‘’ of course, I refer to Red China, and am moved so to describe that monstrous dictatorship in such terms…


…by the squalid sight of so many ‘talking-heads,’ no, let’s say gabbling galoots, blathering about how the United States is just as at fault as the Beijing bullies in the debate on the Chinese Virus.


America’s crime it seems has been to name and shame the tyranny for its attempts to cover-up their guilt by typical police-state tactics.

But they can’t cover-up the latest revelations, that –



Some 108 million people in China’s northeast region are being plunged back under lockdown conditions…

China Reportedly Institutes Mass Lockdowns Of More Than 100 Million After Failing To Stop Outbreak

This weekend in Jakarta has been extended at both ends because both Christians and Muslims have holy days to observe, so a lot of praying will go on all over the place.

One prayer they could all offer up in unison is for the totalitarian swine who comprise the Chinese Communist Party to be confronted by a massive revolt, workers, soldiers and students together…

…strong enough to overthrow the despotism and make a fresh start, free elections and individual liberty for every honest Chinese patriot…

…and up against the wall for every single rat who has collaborated with the CCP oppressors!