Indonesia’s Islamists Threaten Mob Mayhem!

As previously noted, not least by my commenters, that blonde fanatic Bahar Bin Smith, after his release under the Virus Amnesty…

Virus Amnesty – Indonesian Fanatic Released! 

Bahar bin Smith.


…,had to be promptly rearrested, after a mob of his acolytes showed up for one of his ‘lectures’ and distance rules were flouted.

Some might think it sensible of the authorities to deposit him not in a local jail but in the high security prison far away at Nusa Kambangan….



…which would require serious trekking for wannabe protesters!

undeterred, the extremists are threatening not just a demo, once next week’s Idul Fitri holiday is over, but absolute mayhem, an invasion of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, here in Jakarta, if the ranter is not turned loose.

Smith’s attorney, Aziz Yanuar, was quoted as saying-

It is also possible that we will occupy the ministry for an audience with the Directorate General of Corrections and the Minister, accompanied by a crowd of hundreds or even thousands…”


Indonesian Islamist fanatics in the past wore masks, not for health reasons but from fear of identification and well-deserved arrest…or maybe they were just shy!


While this suggestion of mob intimidation is concerning, I had to laugh at his ridiculous use of the hackneyed and entirely inaccurate deployment of the term ‘Long March!’

If the plan was to march from Jakarta to the prison in the Javanese hinterland, that would be a long way to go.

But no way!

“We will long march to the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights,” Aziz said.

Oh, yeah!

The soft-shoe shuffle routine, again!

We’ve been here before!

Beware! Very Short Fanatic ‘Long March,’ Jakarta, This Friday! 

Not a fan in any sense of Red China’s Mass-Murderer Mao, I am aware nevertheless that his famous ‘Long March’ across that vast country was indeed long.

Like English, Indonesian is ever-ready to borrow foreign words and phrases, and as you can see, if you read the link, even has done so.

Here’s their headline from a previous Jakarta time of troubles.

Rencana Aksi 313, Salat Jumat di Istiqlal Kemudian Long March ke Istana

‘Long March?’

My Ass!

Like other such manifestations…

Jakarta Mosque – Yellow-Bellies Bash, Spit On, Journos! 

…the actual shuffle (‘march’) back then went from the big Istiqlal Mosque down to President Jokowi’s palace.


Hasil gambar untuk istana negara istiqlal map

I could do that in about twenty minutes, max!

And I used to enjoy a Sunday stroll, from quite near the ministry mentioned above, up to the Monas park area, right by Jokowi’s palace!

Again I scoff at the notion that it’s a ‘Long March!’


But, again as I said before, the shufflers, sorry, marchers, have to proceed slowly, to accommodate ranting.

It must take your breath away when you repeatedly indulge in sectarian hollering, as heard when the shufflers were out to get Jakarta’s good Governor Ahok.

Ahok, later imprisoned for ‘blasphemy’  – seriously, in the 21st century!

The protesters, most of whom were men dressed in white Muslim attire, were heard yelling, “We want a Muslim governor,” “Burn Ahok!” and “Kafir!”


Just for good measure, there’s a demand that President Jokowi fire both the Minister of Law and Human Rights, Yasonna Laoly and the Corrections Director, Reinhard Silitonga.

Never to be outdone, that notorious Alumni 212 gang are gearing up to join in.

For more about that lot, read this –

Islamist Fanatics Rage At India – ‘Diskriminasi?’ Oya?’ 


One can only hope President Jokowi will stand firm against any such attempt at mob rule.


But after what happened to Ahok, who knows?