Can Fox News Be Rescued From The Left? Petition!

Fox News is also much different than it used to be in the good old days.”
— President Trump



“There’s something going on at Fox, and I tell you I’m not happy with it.”
— President Trump

SO our frequent concerns about the Fox operation…

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…how its entertainment wing overtly promotes left-liberal themes…

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…has now been taken up with regard to Fox News!

…..will you please sign our SAVE FOX NEWS Petition?

As you know, the radical Left has been attacking Fox News for years because they’re the only news channel reporting the TRUTH…

And not spouting liberal talking points like the rest of the fake-news media.

But now under new leadership Fox News is bowing to the Left’s attacks and I need your help to fight back!

That’s why I’m asking you to sign this SAVE FOX NEWS Petition right away.

As the liberals attack, we’re seeing more and more examples of the new Fox News leadership surrendering to the radical Left.

At first they tried — and failed — to get cable providers to drop Fox News.

Then they went after the companies that advertise on Fox News and claimed some victories when they:

  • Pressured Fox News into firing Bill O’Reilly.
  • Got Glenn Beck cancelled after strong-arming advertisers to pull their support.
  • Bullied several major advertisers to pull their ads from Fox News.

Now with Fox News under new leadership we’re starting to see the Left turn up the attacks like never before and instead of fighting back — they’re surrendering.


Conservatives being suspended, silenced and fired while they hire liberal Democrats like former DNC Chair and Al Gore’s Campaign Manager Donna Brazile…..

The radical Left is trying to destroy Fox News and I need
you to join me to fight back against the Left’s scheme today — before it’s too late.

We cannot allow the radical Left to tear down and destroy Fox News — the only source of truth in our otherwise fake-news media


David Horowitz

David Horowitz