Treat Hong Kong’s Collabos Like Ayatollah Apparatchiks

Nauseating to watch Red China’s stooge Carrie Lam on the news this morning, telling the world – and more particularly, the people of Hong Kong – how ‘we need to cooperate’ with the latest oppressive edict being rubber-stamped by Adolf Xi’s servile puppet ‘parliament’ in Beijing.


Carrie the Quisling

Not a lot you and I can do to help, except, as previously suggested, boycott Communist Chinese products, and tourism…

Skipping Hong Kong Break Plans? OK, But Boycott China! 

…whenever that resumes.

BUT…there are ways others can help!



President Trump’s Administration should add her name, and the names of other HK collabos, to the black-list targetting unacceptable foreign individuals like the evil ayatollahs’ apparatchiks in Iran…



….as was done to Tehran’s Communications Minister, which hit ‘any of his property under US jurisdiction…US regulations generally prohibit dealings by Americans, or those transiting the US, in such property.

Lam’s lot include many HK rich-bitches of both sexes  (NB NOT ‘genders!’) with numerous and substantial overseas investments…



…and any individualised economic sanctions could have a deliciously dire effect on their personal worth, which is of vast importance to people who lack both moral conscience or any true sense of patriotism.