Canadian Hostages And Justin Turdo’s Admiration!

Beijing’s linking of its detention of two Canadians in China to the arrest of a Chinese executive in Vancouver shows it does not understand the meaning of an independent judiciary, Justin Trudeau said on Thursday..



What sharp insights Pretty Boy is developing! 


For pity’s sakes, Turdo, of course they understand. Communists diligently study those they seek to overthrow.

They study the judicial system, the parliamentary system, the political parties…



…for exactly the same reasons I studied communism when I was at university.

The same reasons doctors study disease!

The Beijing Bullies have been Communists all their lives, just like your Dear Old Dad’s best buddy…



…and are doing what they are doing simply because it suits their purposes – no misunderstandings at all!

BTW.. didn’t Pierre Turdo not only have a thing for Castro but also for Red China?

Like Father, like Son?

…in 2013, for example, Trudeau was asked at a fundraising event what nation he admired the most.

He didn’t even hesitate.

If you read Turdo Junior’s response to that question, you’ll see that Pretty-Boy knows full well the nature of the rotten ruling class in Red China, and, as you’d expect, ‘admires’ it!