Crimmigrant Crossings – Farage’s Fine Work!

Diligent though I try to be, I’m not one to let pride stand in the way of allowing someone else to shoulder the burden of spreading the word, so when this outstanding article came to my attention…

Farage migrant video shames so-called journalists

…giving due recognition to Nigel Farage’s dedicated exposure of the collusion of Priti Patel’s Border Force underlings with Macron’s, in the matter of crimmigrant Channel crossings…

Nigel Farage

…I at once decided to let you enjoy it as a Sunday arvo read.

One of my commenters tells me, on good authority, that Johnson and Patel are ‘frit,’ to use Maggie’s word.




While  Australian governments have turned back plenty of bludger-boats, the British Tory – hardy ‘conservative!’ – government fears the outcry from undesirable entities like UNHCR, Amnesty, and all the repulsive Brussels-funded, and Soros-funded, ‘NGO’ agitprop outfits…



…if the wannabe parasites are turned back.

Read, and raise Merry Hell!