Empire Day, 24th May – Nothing To Apologise For!

Not the first time I’ve noted Empire Day, fondly remembering how we loyalists partied in Perth County, Ontario, fireworks and bonfires.



I don’t always mark it in the blog, but this year I feel obliged to do so..

…due to an appeal for national self-abasement in the Guardian.

As if my ancestors, who left the area of Kilrea, on Ulster’s River Bann, in the 1830s, crossing the Atlantic, a six week voyage in a wooden ship…


Something like this, perhaps?

…do not deserve the pride their descendants feel about their role in expanding the British Empire wider still and wider.

At least I hope all my far-flung kin feel that way.

I hope no relations, however distant, were involved in the removal of Sir John’s statue in Victoria, BC…

Victoria, BC – Pinko Mayor Scorns Democracy! 

….a crime against Canadian history perpetrated by a council clique determined to deny citizens there a vote on the desecration.

The same goes for the Cornwallis monument on the other side of the Dominion, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, a province once proud of its founders’ heritage….

Nova Scotia Flags, Flag of Nova Scotia.

…where, we may read, appeasement of anti-heritage thuggery has had a toxic effect on democratic decision-making..

..marred by anti-Cornwallis protests, including threats to forcibly remove the statue and HRM officials’ concerns for public safety.

This led to council voting on Jan. 30, 2018 to immediately remove the statue (the next day).

This should be recognised as mere pandering to malcontents among the local Micmac Red Indians –

Council’s decision followed the Assembly of Mi’kmaq Chiefs passing a resolution several days earlier calling for just that


But I’m not going to debate all this.

Lefties can belly-ache if they will, about how our folks transformed a wilderness into a fine advanced country, just as other British pioneers laid the foundations for today’s Australia.

Or they can blather about things like the slave trade, though if white men were bad to buy slaves in Africa, what about the non-white men who sold those slaves?

Today, I merely nail my colours to the mast and say, as we did in a happier…



…more civil and much more free country, all those years ago –

Happy Empire Day!