In Ulster Today, Vermin Celebrate, Victims Remember!

I just noticed an item in the Belfast Telegraph, that in a display of insensitivity which even by the sub-human standard of Sinn Fein/IRA…

…has to be considered breath-taking, ‘republicans are planning a series of celebrations to mark the ex-Deputy First Minister’s birthday!’



Decent people would more likely describe Martin ‘Murder’ McGuinness in some other way.

A vile, treasonous terrorist!

The same newspaper reports how a ‘Londonderry woman whose teenage sister died after an IRA shooting that took place on Martin McGuinness’ birthday exactly 44 years ago…


….has said she’ll be mourning her and her murdered RUC father on what would have been the former Provisional leader’s 70th birthday today.’

There are no words adequate to console that lady for her two-fold loss.

But as the savage scum celebrate, rest assured, if there is a Hell as pictured in Scripture…



…that blood-stained b-stard McGuinness will be writhing in torment there, till the end of time!