Belfast “Students” Fail Both Logic And Moral Phil!

When I was pursuing my university studies, my goal being an MA in Politics and Modern History –


( which I achieved after an enjoyable five years of anti-marxist activity in the field of student politics)


– we undergrads were obliged to take additional subjects to ‘round out’ our courses.

I chose Logic and Moral Philosophy, which were interesting.

I passed both, BTW.

Whether the disgusting official spokespersons of Belfast’s Queen’s University students, the Student Council, would pass any such tests must be deemed doubtful, after they voted – 23 to 16, with five abstentions – NOT to condemn terrorism.


Criticism: Kenny Donaldson


No wonder Kenny Donaldson, of Innocent Victims United, expessed disgust and dismay.

The result is an insult to victims and survivors of ‘Troubles related violence’ from across our community who have suffered so grievously before most of these students came into this world….



We are told that attitudes within our younger generation, those born post the Belfast Agreement, were changing, that they were becoming more progressive,” he said. “This result makes a lie out of that theory.”

Nor was Mr. Donaldson the only public figure in Ulster publicly to abhor the moral vacuity of the QUB slugs.



TUV leader Jim Allister weighed in with his analysis of the cop-out – a “telling indication of where that body currently is…”

So readers are clear about what these ‘students’ failed, and there’s no excuse for their failure – to get about the very recent history of their own country…

….here is the wording of the resolution as reported.

The motion, debated during an online meeting on Wednesday, asked members to “unreservedly condemn” all those who use terrorist acts of violence rather than peaceful means to advance their cause.

It asked members to condemn the glorification of anyone involved in acts of violence or murder and that there should be a zero tolerance approach for violations of this policy.


No way would that get through, if the ‘student council’ included vermin similar to those who were out celebrating Martin ‘Murder McGuiness’s birthday last weekend!

In Ulster Today, Vermin Celebrate, Victims Remember! 

Here’s what the QUB dog-turds had to say.

 “Councillors debated proposals on a range of issues, with general agreement on many proposals. However, in some cases the council could not agree a consensus on specific wording contained within some motions.

“Notwithstanding any specific debate at our student council meetings, Queen’s Students’ Union remains committed to representing students, fostering an environment of inclusivity, creating a space where students can form communities, and have their voices heard.”

Evidently, some students have formed ‘communities’ of terrorist sympathisers.


Sinn Féin ‘Brits Out’ poster investigated by Queen’s University

A stall featuring posters, one with the slogan, 'Brits Out'
The poster was at a fresher’s fair for Queen’s University students

Queen’s University have launched an investigation after criticism of an “offensive” poster displayed at a Sinn Féin fresher’s fair stall.


But we knew that already!