Mary Lou’s Mask Slips – Blood-Thirsty Vixen Exposed

Despite what I decline to call her ‘Christian Name’

( for no member of a hate-gang like Sinn Fein can be considered Christian in any meaningful sense…

….no matter that evil priests allow them to be interred in sanctified soil)

…yes, despite the rock-a-billy ring to that name, more suited to a country songstress than a satanic vixen like the current leader of the IRA murder-gang’s “political wing…”



…we have to take a thoughtful look at that tubby wench before we instantly align her with brutal scum like Blood-Beast Adams and Murder McGuinness.


Not just because appearances can indeed be deceptive, but because we all know that she herself was living a cushy life, in her callow youth, a world away from involvement with blowing up children…



….and/or engaging in the racist slaughter of innocent workers.

But now she has forfeited that cover, openly confessing to the fact that, had she been around at the time, she would have been up for membership of the murder gang.

Yet she was of the same age as others who enlisted in the terrorist cause.


One could just dismiss her as a yellow-belly, too gutless to follow whatever passes for her ‘conscience’ and travel up from Dublin, bravely to shoot policemen in the back, as youthful IRA filth liked to do.

Moreover, the IRA had need of female ‘volunteers,’ such as the mangy sluts used to lure those three young Scots soldiers to their doom.



Interestingly, one could also listen to voices in Eire that suggest she was politically jilted by Fianna Fail, then joined the scumbag party on the rebound.

Much to think about!

Unionist leader Steve Aiken’s denunciation doubtless reflects the reaction of millions..

Remarkably for a political leader who says she is willing to reach out to Unionists, Mary Lou McDonald has demonstrated a complete misunderstanding of the abhorrence we all feel for the Provisional IRA and its campaign of butchery and ethnic cleansing.’

The lousy bitch’s words are not really remarkable at all.

Firstly, because we’ve heard her vile view on the terror campaign before..


Gambar terkait….McDonald, basking in the Blood-Beast’s smiles  She understood that it was necessary, she told a documentary some years ago, to take up arms against the British state…Mary Lou McDonald: a Dubliner with deep republican roots

…..and secondly, because..

Every Sinn Fein notable talks hypocritical tripe about regret and reconciliation…


After three decades under a man who insists that despite growing up oppressed by the Brits in west Belfast he never once joined the IRA, Sinn Fein now has a leader who, despite being born in a leafy, middle-class area of Dublin, says “there’d be every chance” she would have joined the IRA if she’d been in the same boat.

It’s a wonder republican voters can keep up.


…but if we listen carefully, their scabrous, rabid hatred is too deeply engrained to be kept hidden for very long.