Roland Martin Declines To Condemn Violent Savages!

Twice this morning ( Jakarta time) and maybe more than twice, the BBC gave us a predictable guest, a rather overweight ‘broadcaster and activist,’ named Roland Martin…

GLAAD vs. CNN's Roland Martin

Roland Martin

….who promptly told us that President Trump’s call for an FBI investigation into the Minneapolis death was ‘irrelevant.’

Never having heard of Fats before, I thought to check him out, eager to establish that he was indeed a media man of the utmost integrity.


In 2016 Martin was revealed to have leaked CNN town hall questions to former DNC Chair Donna Brazile, who then leaked them to Hillary Clinton’s camp when he was acting as guest-moderator.



An obvious choice as a BBC guest!

Nobody was invited on to counter this ranting individual, though even the BBC interviewer felt compelled to ask if Fats didn’t think riotous violence might be ‘counter-productive!’

A golden opportunity for Martin to condemn street mayhem, but he just wouldn’t do so.

Tiresome stuff, but worth noting.

Meanwhile savages have been burning and looting in Minneapolis.

Have the local cops been placed under orders not to shoot amok barbarians who set out to destroy their city?