Salvini – Crimmigrant ‘Kidnap’ Case Crumbling?


No wonder Matteo Salvini calls the charges a ‘badge of honour!’

Though to tell the truth, the attempt to prosecute the patriot hero for preventing a pack of crimmigrants swarming ashore is a taint on Italian justice!



According to the news agency ANSA this week, Salvini’s parliamentary immunity from prosecution has been reaffirmed in the country’s senate, the panel vote being 13 to 7 in his favour.

Interestingly, Red Renzi’s crowd declined to take part in the decision, which still has to go to the full Senate.



It’s reported that the Red’s new party felt not enough discussion had taken place, but there are suggestions of secret talks between the two men or their representatives.

Giorgia Meloni says she doesn’t believe this is true but she hopes not.



We hope not too! Salvini is a damn fine chap but can be impetuous at times.

Responding to rumours that the Lega leader might consider a ‘government of national unity,’ the blonde bombshell rightly says, “Renzi is light years distant from us and he is not a reliable person.”

That’s putting it mildly.

Who’s forgotten the little red rodent’s belly-crawl to uptight sectarian primitives!

Let’s hope Giorgia’s warning shot puts paid to any such silly season stuff!

The bizarre prosecution, which we mentioned a few months ago…

Show Your Solidarity With Matteo Salvini, Persecuted Patriot! 

…arose after leftists went nuts over Salvini’s insistence that over 100 illegals on board a crimmigrant cargo vessel called the ‘Open Arms,’ which had gotten as far as Agrigento, in Sicily, should not be unleashed on their target nation.

Italy is as badly infested with legalice as is the UK and USA, so next thing an ‘investigation’ was under way, for ‘abduction and dereliction of duty!’

Unfortunately, though his action safeguarded Italians for over three weeks, the the undesirable cargo was finally unloaded on the long-suffering island of Lampedusa. Truth Told – Threatening, Thieving…Migrant Molestation! 

Despite it not being the final word in the case, Salvini was jubilant.

The Senate panel voted and established that Salvini did his duty, acted in the public and not private interest,” he said.

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    Renzi is a madman.
    Matteo Salvini cannot make any deal with a madman.



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