Nikos Nouris, Man Of The Year? Telling Off Scumbags!

I admit to unfamiliarity with the politics of the Republic of Cyprus…



…but ANY country with an Interior Minister like Nikos Nouris is blessed indeed.

Would you believe he was ‘criticised’ last week for saying words we’d LOVE to hear from Macron or Merkel…



…when they are confronted by pro-crimmigrant scumbags whining about the ‘rights’ of undesirable aliens.

Nouris called the protesters “anarchists” and accused them of trying to steer off course the government’s response to a migration crisis…

Nouris Nicos

Nikos Nouris

….adding that “those who do not respect the host country have no place and no basis to stay.”

According to a report in a Greek-Cypriot news site, his Ministry ‘has begun expelling groups of foreign nationals who have been turned down for asylum, citing concerns over security threats and changing demographics due to a migration crisis.’

A bunch of Georgians were deported this month, but another load of fake ‘refugees,’ 150 Cameroonians, are going soon and ‘Syrian nationals also were said to be a high priority on the list.’

Nouris has also declared he’s ‘ready to deport 17 asylum applicants who were being suspected by the Republic of having ties to terrorism.’

Another Cypriot politician, Kyriacos Hadjiyiannis MP, this week asserted that ‘Cyprus was facing a “serious security threat” due to a migration crisis.’

Citing a village called Chloraka, in the Paphos district, the MP told a conference that-

“A group of asylum seekers from a specific area of [a] neighbouring country apparently with close links to the ISIS…

….exhibited violent and criminal behavior to the point that [local] inhabitants fear for their safety and their property…”

Read the whole report!

It just gets better and better, and his other observation will appeal to English readers whose cities are no longer recognisable as English cities!


Kreuzberg, Berlin


And Germans too, who can vaguely recall when Berlin was German.

The interior minister has defended government policies on migration, vowing on Wednesday to “restore demographic character” and saying changing demographics was a real problem in Chloraka and other locations.

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