Sleazy Queer Exposed! A City Saved From A Pervert Power Grab?

Use the link below to find a very readable account of how MassResistance stepped in to safeguard a small American town facing demands by ‘LGBT’ creeps that an ‘Anti-Discrimination’ gaystapo ordinance be passed.

And how the MR unearthed useful info on the freak leading the pervert campaign.

….activists also decided to do some research on just who “Dee Dee McIntosh” really is.

What they found was incredibly shocking – but unfortunately not so unusual.

“Dee Dee” is actually Donald David McIntosh. According to published records, he is a convicted child molester who served time in jail. McIntosh was a schoolteacher in Morgantown who was convicted on three counts of molesting elementary and middle-school children.

And who’s surprised!?