‘We Love BBC Bias!’ Pinko Creeps’ Petition!

That mean-featured bint Emily Maitlis, given a soft-as-possible slap on the wrist by her ideological soul-mate masters at the BBC, will be back soon to resume the abuse of her pampered privileged status.

Nor has her comrade, Klutzy, sorry, Katie, Razzall, spolit-brat child of a Liberal Democrat peer, been disciplined…

Katie Razzall
Peer’s daughter Razzall

Razzall tweeted herself she would not be presenting the programme if Maitlis was stopped from appearing..

….as she should have been, if her uppity insubordination has been accurately reported.


Paid of course by taxes coerced from every UK citizen who watches or never watches the state-funded propaganda channel, Maitlis, and her leftist Comrade Razzall, no doubt, will be buoyed by the 5000+ pinko creeps who have signed a supportive petition.

Emily Maitlis introduces BBC Newsnight with a summary of the government's reponse to the Dominic Cummings story. Photograph: BBC.


‘Less than 24 hours after Emily Maitlis spoke for people in the UK and spoke truth to power she has been removed from Newsnight…’ whine the petitioners, oblivious to the real truth, that it’s not Maitlis’ job to preach but impartially to cover the news…



…it’s ‘NEWSnight,’ right!?!

I don’t especially like what I know of Dominic Cummings, but it IS fairly obvious that the baying for his blood, which that BBC bitch exemplifies, has little to do with distancing…



…and a great deal to do with the Europhiliac ratbags’ dislike for anyone identified with the successful referendum campaign to deliver the UK from the EUSSR.