Good Viennese Under Fire, As Ingrates Riot!

I saw nothing much in the way of news about the crimmigrants ( aka ‘asylum-seekers’) in Austria this month…



…but one of my helpful readers has sent me a link to an RT story…

…which ought to have been front-page news everywhere, if we didn’t have such rotten media around the world.

Even RT gives undue prominence to a variety of leftist whiners, angry that Vienna’s Vice-Mayor, Herr Dominik Nepp, not only told the truth …

It is now clear… that the increasing coronavirus numbers in Vienna can only be attributed to asylum seekers…”

Dominik Nepp

..after a recent testing campaign at migrants’ quarters in the district of Erdberg revealed 26 new Covid-19 cases, four of whom work as caregivers.

Not only that, but, as any patriot in any country should, he expressed concern that –

While Austrians sometimes wait for a coronavirus test for weeks and have to go into quarantine for two weeks, all asylum seekers were tested quickly and are now spared isolation…”

And then he really socked it to the powerful pro-crimmigrant agitprop outfits!



“So, one may speak right now of an asylum virus in the federal capital at [the] present time.”

The predictable ranting and raving ensued, Greens, Socialists, etc. Issuing spittle-flecked denunciations which if you can endure their stereotyped slurs, are quoted in the linked RT story..


One Green red even demanded Herr Nepp’s resignation!

But less politically partisan ‘netizens’ pointed out that ‘he could be right because “20 out of 50” new coronavirus cases have come from the quarters in question.’

But way down the report, we find the merest mention of what should be THE BIG STORY.


…the troubled facility, called Haus Erdberg, was evacuated and the entire building was disinfected.

OK, disinfecting required, but then?

The evacuees have since been placed in a care center called Messe Wien, but RIOTED there against the isolation regime…

Those are my capital letters, because IMHO, surely THAT is the most important thing we need to know, that these despicable alien ingrates, given free accommodation…



…and free food ( and that outrageous ‘pocket money’ too, we need to ask!) dared run amok, in a city, in a country, where they don’t belong!