RIP D’s Place! Gone But Never Forgotten!

My thanks to Indonesia Expat magazine, or at least its online edition –

Legendary Blok M Bar D’s Place Shuts Its Doors

– for sad tidings today.

D’s Place is no more!

I won’t offer you the picture of its locked doors which the link provides.

Way too depressing.


Jalan Falatehan


Instead there’s a picture of Jalan Falatehan, taken one night maybe ten years ago or more, back when ‘The Street of Dreams’ was at its zenith.

Many’s the tale all of us expats could tell – except many are too outrageous to be told!- about the clientele and carry-ons in that never-boring bar.

I recommended it to a Scots visitor.

He subsequently moaned that-

The wummen therr widnae geez peace tae watch the fitty oan the telly!’

My fault, of course!

It had never occurred to me that anyone would take exception to young ladies seeking to introduce themselves, some, admittedly, known for their importunate style of approach.



I stopped going there about seven years ago and I’m told it’s been going downhill ever since, though I’m confident my absence is unconnected with its demise.

But the happy memories, especially of the Happy Hour, will be with me, and hundreds, thousands, of Jakarta guys forever.