In Minneapolis, Scum Beat Trucker – Trucker Arrested?

I just saw on BBC news ( 9am Jakarta time) that a truck-driver in Minneapolis was beaten up by hoodlums because the man chose not to have his right to drive on the highway unlawfully obstructed by arrogant ‘protesters.’

Incredibly, it’s said that not only had the cops colluded with the rabble by ‘closing’ the road to honest citizens, but that the VICTIM of rabble violence, not the perps, had been arrested!

If law enforcement were doing its job properly, such obstruction of highways would be immediate cause for arrest.



These uppity louts and loutesses should be tear-gassed and tasered off the roads they’re blockading.

Any driver who exercises his or her right to drive through them should be applauded, or at the very least, assisted, NOT arrested.

In a separate report, the  Minnesota Governor has warned truckers that they’re being targetted by scumbags aka ‘protesters’ –

Minnesota Governor Warns Truckers… Protesters Are “Blocking Roads and Raiding Semis”

PS  – as I am typing this, we are seeing scenes in LA.

Apparently more scumbags have invaded a peaceful suburban area, Fairfax, and have been setting police cruisers on fire.

The sibilant American news-twittess invited by BBC to comment said this intrusion was designed to show the suburb the ‘hurt’ they felt by their sense of ‘disenfranchisement.’



Does she not understand the meaning of the word? It means being deprived of your right to vote!

Nobody has been ‘’disenfranchised!”  

They have the vote, if they’re not illegal aliens.

What they don’t have is any sense of responsibility!  

Presumably they do vote.

If their preferred policies are not subsequently enacted, then they have no right to run amok.