Linda Tirado -BBC Says ‘Journalist’ – She Is A Far-Left Activist

By 10.30, the BBC had wheeled out another voice from the war-zone that the far-left has turned America into.

The BBC faker ( ‘interviewer’) told us she was a journalist, but a moment’s background check revealed she is a notorious leftwing propagandist/activist.

Linda Tirado’s Poverty Tale: Not Quite Fake, Far From Accurate

Nothing but anti-police ranting again.

As might be expected from somebody who says she was ‘embedded’ during the Ferguson Missouri episode.

Will Obama Invite Darren Wilson Next? 

You may remember how a decent cop’s career was ruined by leftists then.


Even Toady at one point felt obliged to ask her the obvious question, like, how about small local businesses being pillaged.



The ranter took quite a few sentences to qualify her grudging disapproval of such vicious criminality, all the usual leftist sludge-think about how ‘angry’ the street-scum must be.

Still waiting for the UK’s tax-funded broadcaster to let us hear from even one single conservative American who reflects what has to be the JUSTIFIED anger of decent citizens at the massive amok-run by gangs and Red Nazi Antifa.