Indonesia Faces Two Threats – The Virus And The Vermin!

With so much attention on the Chinese Virus, it’s easy to forget that Indonesia is beset by another plague, the local adherents of sectarian terrorism.



The ISIS rape-gang may have, for the time being, suffered major set-backs in the Middle East, but the wicked murder of an innocent policeman in Kalimantan last Monday is a reminder that jihadist evil is very real in this archipelago.

At least the swine who killed the cop also ended up dead, which is good news indeed, because no death sentences have been imposed or carried out…


Bali Bomber Pigs

…since the Bali Bomb Pigs were despatched to Hell some 12 years ago.

The swine used a sword to murder his victim, having set a car ablaze to lure his prey out of the police station in Kalimantan, a huge island better known abroad as Borneo.


Kalimantan is the very large island towards the top of the centre of the map

When the terrorist turned his attention to two other officers, they used their guns to defend themselves.

The savage was DOA at the nearest hospital.