No Music Today? PC Sports Take-Over Too? The Hell With That!

When did musicians declare a day of silence to honour any of the thousands of innocents murdered by illegal immigrants…


……all over the USA…


…and not just in America!

And yet…

The BBC continues its Trumpophobia saturation policy ( more of that later) with dorks from the ‘music industry’ pompously announcing a day’s shut-down in solidarity with the rabble blocking streets and defying lawful curfews ( and social distance rules!) in America.



Now I have my laptop open, tormenting my Jakarta neighbours with Stones, Eagles, and Leonard Cohen songs, precisely as a response to how the natterjacks are politicising everything.

Oh, and ‘sportsmen’ too are bleating too, as if sports have anything to do with politics!

Can’t play football, nobody to play with today!

But I’m kicking around the plastic ball (with a tinkly bell inside it which was purchased to entertain the cat!) and that will have to serve as my protest against the PC pukes!

Music and sport are not the prerogatives of the pinko creep mob, to be turned on and off when they get into one of their tantrums!