Petition For Americans – Religious Liberty!

The US Senate Budget Committee will hold an extremely important hearing this coming Wednesday (June 3rd) to consider the nomination of Russell Vought to be Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). This is a critical position, heading the largest office within the Executive Office of the President, the agency responsible for preparing and overseeing the implementation of the federal budget.
Please Sign Our Petition Supporting Russell Vought
Russ is a friend of mine but more importantly is a friend of the pro-family movement. Unfortunately, he has been the victim in the past of outrageous anti-Christian bigotry, so we need to mobilize all NOM supporters prior to Wednesday to support his confirmation to this critical post.
Please sign our petition supporting the confirmation of Russell Vought and opposing all religious bigotry, especially against faithful Christians who are willing to serve in high positions of government.
There can be no legitimate question as to whether Russ Vought is qualified to hold this important position. He has a distinguished, two-decade long career in positions of tremendous importance on Capitol Hill including extensive experience with federal budget issues. In 2017, he was appointed as Deputy Director of OMB, and has been serving as Acting Director of the office since January, 2019.
I know Russ to be a smart, principled and deeply-faithful man. In fact, it is his faith that has gotten him in trouble with the likes of Bernie Sanders and others on the left. Sanders is the top-ranking Democrat on the Senate Budget Committee. It is because he holds traditional, mainstream Christian views on important issues that his opponents have made him a target of their anti-Christian bigotry.
Please sign our important position opposing religious bigotry and urging the confirmation of Russ Vought to be Director of the Office of Management and Budget.
Some years ago, Russ – who is a graduate of Wheaton College, a proud Christian university – defended the university’s decision to terminate a professor who issued a public statement that conflicted with the statement of faith the university requires its faculty and student body to subscribe to, a statement that guides the university as an academic community of faith. In the process, he reiterated the orthodox Christian belief that those who reject Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior stand condemned. This statement of Christian belief – a belief repeated throughout the gospels – has become too much for the left. Sen. Sanders and his Democrat colleagues are demanding to know if Director Vought believes that Muslims are “condemned.”
As if Russ Vought has something to do with deciding who will spend eternity in heaven, and those who will not.
Sign The Petition Opposing Religious Bigotry In The Confirmation Of Christian Nominees
When confronted during his confirmation hearing to be Assistant OMB Director by an angry Senator Sanders demanding to know if all Muslims and even Jews were similarly condemned, Mr. Vought calmly pointed out that as a Christian he believes that all people are made in the image of God, and are worthy of dignity and respect regardless of religious beliefs. Sanders was having none of it, proposing that his nomination be rejected because his religious views were unacceptable. “[Russell Vought] is really not someone who this country is supposed to be about.”
This kind of religious bigotry is ugly, unacceptable and unconstitutional. Please sign our petition to the Senate Budget Committee demanding an end to religious bigotry and the confirmation of Russell Vought to be Director of the Office of Management and Budget.
I don’t know about you, but I am tired of the left using a person’s religion as an excuse to prevent them from serving in government. Not only is that wrong, but Article VI of the US Constitution prohibits the imposition of any religious test to hold public office.
The confirmation hearing for Director Vought is coming up on Wednesday, June 3rd. Please act today to sign our petition demanding that he be confirmed, and that the use of religious bigotry by Senators like Bernie Sanders come to an end.

Brian Brown