Trump Deserves Support – Patriots Must Speak Up!

Donald Trump has been unlucky in that his country’s economy, doing well under his tutelage, has been hammered by the Chinese Virus.

Hardly his fault.

But what’s currently afoot is no matter of luck.

It’s a deliberate attempt to subvert the USA by mobs of savages, egged on by armchair revolutionists.

These sickos screaming from the sidelines have the rancid media on their side, the Unholy Trinity of WaPo, CNN and the sleazy NYT, vying with each other to blame Trump for almost everything except the weather!



And by the bitterly biased BBC!

Civil War USA? BBC Already Chosen Sides?

All the more credit to the President, therefore, for his call for an ‘end to the carnage’ last night.

Especially for his uncompromising declaration that he will not hesitate to use all the resources, including the armed forces, at his disposal, to restore law and order!

And a good choice of venue for his warning, the Washington church vandalised, daubed with obscenities by offensive agitators – best ignore the ‘outraged’ pathetic pinko bishopess there who dissed Trump’s message!

Time for everyone to show where we stand – with real Americans!



So no matter we may be far from the United States, let’s all raise our voices, put pens to paper, open our Ipads, and send out solidarity messages as loud and clear as that issued by Thierry Baudet, the Dutch patriot leader, who has  ‘praised Trump’s decision to label Antifa domestic terrorists..’


We have seen for years that a blind eye is turned to violence from the left, that there is much less fuss about it…

Baudet is quite right when he identifies the enemy!


…”Left-wing terrorism is often called activism. It has been the case for many years that there is much more violence on that side of the spectrum than on the right side of the spectrum...”

Friends of the USA all over the world should be echoing the Dutchman.