BBC’s Tuesday Tax-Funded Trumpophobia!

I woke up with another ‘American’ harpy’s gibbering shrieks ringing in my ears, and entirely my fault, for my TV was still tuned into the Biased Bigot Channel, and BBC’s chief bias bigot, Mike Embley….

Again, BBC Serves Up A Hate-Trump Breakfast! 


More BBC Breakfast Bias, Starring Anti-Trump Embley Again!  

……was ‘interviewing’ i.e. encouraging, a shrill youngish black woman named Derecka Purnell – a ‘human rights lawyer,’ so the screen told us -to rail against her bete noire, ‘capitalist’ USA.

Beats me how they couldn’t come up with something more rational, but then, they are aiming at their pig-ignorant foot-soldiers, the street louts who are destroying communities all over America.

It seems many of them have now discarded all pretences.

No more cops!

Before Trump’ she ranted, ‘it was Nixon, Reagan. The country was built on the back of using police…’

Embley nodded eagerly.

Trump, he slobbered, is ‘not known for his empathy…’

Yes, thats the concern, isnt it…all this plays into the hands of Trump..’

Why does he need Americans on his show at all, since he has his mind so bitterly made up against the President?

But it’s not just Trump now – capitalism is openly declared the enemy of the people by these agitators…


….so no wonder Red China is exulting over their exploits!

They are all now taking up what has clearly been the chosen song-sheet, orchestrated comparisons of law enforcement to 19th century  ‘slave patrols…’

….a singularly moronic marxist trope – there, I used the rotten media’s buzz-word, ‘trope,’ though why they can’t speak proper English and say ‘cliche,’ I don’t know.

So pleasing were Deranged Derecka’s thoughts to the leftists at Broadcasting House, that she was back again, just after 10am.

But Derecka was fairly fast succeeded in the role of Trump-Lasher by Rachel Vandelang, formerly USAF and now a ‘professor!’

One could scent her hang-ups when she spoke about America’s ‘Founding Fathers…


and mothers!’


Georgia Washington? Tammy Jefferson? Benita Franklin?

And all the predictable junk-talk, ..’fear-mongering,’ and ‘a horrible disgrace’…’institutional racism’ – all familiar phobic left-words and the tell-tale – ‘which  Trump has contributed to!’

But we have had a look at her record – of which Embley and Co. were undoubtedly aware when they invited her to yammer….

…and you can see for yourselves how she savaged the nomination of Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh.

Another carefully vetted BBC ‘guest,’ on whom they could count to make the noises they need for their vendetta against Trump.

Oh, and by the way, did you see that far-left Anglican priestess they had on tonight?

OMG, what a flap-jaw!