Has The Trumpophobic BBC Totally Lost Its Mind?

The UK’s tax-funded broadcaster on Tuesday was so over-loaded with leftist Hate-Trump Un-Americans spewing their poison to sycophantic interviewers ( still no anti-rabble invitees?) that I had to postpone writing about them.


Today I had a fun morning video-linking with Indonesian friends, just catching up, so missed whatever deranged delights the BBC had to offer.

But then, at 12 noon ( Jakarta time) and again at 1pm, I tuned in, and…

Good Grief!

A tubby female named Kandace was ranting in almost identical terms as all yesterday’s leftist ranters ranted, to diss not just Trump, or even decent Americans in general, but the very idea of policing!

And who was Cuddly Kandace?

The creepy BBC hackette mumbled something of which I only caught ‘Black Vision,’ so I looked it up on the BV’s own website.

Black Visions Collective is a Black, Trans, and Queer led organization based in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and Saint Paul), Minnesota.


Hell, she looks female, is not smoking a pipe nor swaddled in tweeds – she could get a boy-friend if she made an effort!


Ms. Kandace Montgomery was formerly a leader with ‘Black Lives Matter Global Network.’


Yes, the British Broadcasting Corporation acts as if patriotic conservative commentators do not exist, but will even track down a bunch of sexual abnormals to enlist in their anti-Trump jihad.


Black Visions Collective….commitment to dismantling systems of oppression and violence..

And that’s what the BBC let her broadcast, the dire necessity of ending the ‘system of violent and oppressive policing.’

Even Beeb-Dorka was intrigued…’If you don’t need police...?’

But soon remembered her duty of biased bigotry

It’s quite easy to point the finger at this President…’

Yes, if you want to keep your over-paid job at UK Pravda!


A belated review of Tuesday Tax-Funded Trumpophobia later tonight.