Straight Swop – UK Haven For HK Heroes, Out With Jihadists!

Last I heard, UK security services said there were too many jihadist scum in the country to monitor them all effectively.

The obvious response to that, echoed by millions, no doubt, must surely be..

Why monitor them?

Round the vermin up, put ‘em up against a wall and shoot them down as traitors


Image result for ISIS theresa leaveeu


…including those welcomed ‘home’ by Theresa Blubby May.

But neither Bojo nor Ms. Priti has the guts to defy the ECHR and do what’s right.

Now another option opens up.

Simon Cheng Man-kit, a former UK consulate worker tortured by Chinese secret police, is urging the British government to give Hong Kong people the opportunity to come to the UK as Beijing imposes a national security law in the territory.

Nobody I know is opposed to providing a safe haven for honest folk fleeing the iniquity of systems that affront common decency…



…whether it’s the marxist evil that reigns in Red China or the monstrous oppression imposed by ayatollahs in Iran…

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…and similarly backward sexist lands which countenance pedophilia and polygamy and shamelessly stomp religious liberty.

Britain can’t take in everybody from Hong Kong.

But if all the Enemy Within sectarian swine prowling UK streets were corralled and deported…



…then it would be a huge plus for the quality of British society, and even more if their noisome presence were replaced…


…by some 20-30,000 of those good, energetic, anti-communist young folks from Hong Kong.

Send the ‘British’ jihadists out to Hong Kong, to be welcomed by Red China’s gestapo!

A true meeting of minds!

PS   If other civilised countries did the same, they would be much safer places.

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…as well as disloyal Islamists…

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And in America …wow!

All those ingrate undesirable illegals?

So many Un-American crimmigrants  – some estimates as high as 10 million – infest the USA that, if expelled, there’d be room not only for the Hong Kong kids but also for Pakistan’s religious minority population as well!