Another Sinister France24 ‘Debate’ – Do ANY ‘Debaters’ Disagree?

I didn’t think I could get through this conversation, with beautiful people, with kindred spirits.”

World-class soul singer China Moses comes to Istanbul to fascinate Turkish jazz lovers

That, from a black American woman named China Moses, ‘a singer,’ sums up the fakery of France24’s “Debate.”

Kindred spirits, i.e. exclusion of dissent!

She would have made a perfect BBC guest, would she not?

By the way, I use ‘sinister’ in its Latin sense – LEFT!

“When you have all the answers, what’s left?”

Both left-controlled state-financed propaganda channels, each in their own way suppressing rightwing dissent.

As for the rest?

All were carefully vetted no doubt, to ensure criticism of the ‘protest mob was absent, that there was no hearing for the rightful expectation of patriotic French folk, that aliens who settle in their land should assimilate…

….abandon alien ways and allegiances, sectarian or ethnic.

You can watch the travesty for yourselves!

There was Rhokaya Dhallo, a typical radical left ideologue, journalist and ‘thinker’ ( so the rest of us don’t think?) -as the identification on the screen advised us!

Another peculiar white female, Jennifer Fredette, chipped in from Ohio, with a near-shaven head, spouting leftery non-stop.

Patrick Simon, from the demographic studies institute, the only male, spoke in more measured terms, but he was no conservative in any sense.

So predictable, so circumscribed by F24’s built-in bias.


I believe Marine Le Pen’s National Rally has some admirable members of non-white ethnic origin.



What chance such admirable black or brown people might ever join in the F24 ‘Debate,’ and turn it into a real debate?

No Chance!

Not just a collage of ‘kindred spirits!